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Here Ya Go

And, just for the record:

Sarah Lawrence is a college where the theatre department actually has a teacher who will order you to say lines as if your acting partner has a fish on her head. Or as if you just came from Alaska, and you still have whale blubber in your teeth. This, in my opinion, is not acting. But that is only my opinion. It is also my opinion that the acting department does not need me. The film history department, however, does. And I won't even have to act as if fellow students have a fish on his or her head. As someone who has loved to act for several years, this is a relatively painful decision to make. I'm still not entirely sure that it's one that I'm going to follow through with, but right now, I see myself concentrating in Film History.

All in all: am I always happy here? No. Am I happy that I came here? Yes. Am I transferring? No. Am I even going abroad? No.

And I defy anyone to designate this post as "drivel." Even if they do claim to be fond of me. (I never criticized the passive aggressive atmosphere of SLC, now did I?)

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