kristen (beekept) wrote in fuck_slc,

show me your squirrel skull

otherwise I may have serious issues trusting you.
I mean, if I were to stay at sarah lawrence, I believe that I could only happily do so as a squirrel. I just love those guys.
the squirrels, the comfort of discovering that the machine dispensed ball-point pens of the library stairwell are fully guaranteed, the rare and impossibly wonderful few people I've been lucky enough to meet.

nike mizelle, however. needs to be ... dispatched. the disparity of intelligence in the slc faculty has not been more clearly demonstrated than it was to me this morning. ray seidelman was a guest speaker in my computer lecture today. he really made me think. THINK. something spoiled whiny bitches like myself do all too infrequently. I wanted to take action, stop existing as a closeminded person. then NIKE. [nee-kah, first syllable accented.]
who "taught" the intermediate german class last year. and when I say "taught" I mean she actually made me start to hate studying german. I LOVE german. but I really hated myself last year, and I'm still having emotional issues. I needed a professer who might keep my interest during class, distract me from the wreck of my life by simply stimulating some kind of thought, remind me of why I chose to study german, and keep me there. it sounds like quite a demand, what a revelation. but honestly. many professors are able to do this effortlessly. they teach because they, too, have some kind of firey passion for the subject they associate themselves with. having nike as a "professor" however, is like pulling a random german citizen off the street who happens to have a fairly thorough knowledge of german culture, literature and grammar. she doesn't give a flying crap about teaching. the other students were similarly bored to tears, or otherwise gleeful because it was a complete blow-off class. it consisted mainly of painfully simple grammar exercises and little to no actual content. students would mostly do the homework in class the day it was due, because they could get away with it. certainly grammar is important to the study of any language, but students in an INTERMEDIATE course should not have struggled like two thirds of my classmates struggled. they should have been enrolled in the beginning level. but they weren't, and those of us, excuse me, the TWO of us who knew anything barely made it through the year. I basically gave up and drifted along, stacey applied herself and basically acted as her own tutor, relying occasionally on nike to proofread her compositions. I deeply regret that I did not do what stacey did, but I feel just as strongly that I should not have been faced with the issue in the first place.
today, in the group conference for the advanced class, we engaged in more painfully stupid grammar exercises that should have been part of a brief but intense period of review at the beginning of the intermediate course. THEN, we moved on to something entirely different. WE TOOK DICTATION AS THE BITCH READ US SIXTY-FIVE WORD SENTENCES FROM THE GRASS NOVEL WE COMPLETED TWO WEEKS AGO, BROKEN INTO CLAUSES THAT WERE DELIVERED OUT OF ORDER. the point of this, apparently, was to learn how to make sense of extended adjectival clauses by using gender, case, and adverb cues... except when she told us that we'd learn this last year, she lied. and so grabbed us collectively by the ears, threw us in with no previous notice and earnestly expected us to take it seriously and get it right. the most advanced student in the class, who, I would be the first to tell you, is not me, encountered great difficulty making sense of it, let alone taking the words down as nike fired them off at normal conversational speed. nike is a wretched, wretched excuse for a teacher. she alternates at random between uselessly stupid exercises I could do with my eyes closed and something as insane as this bullshit.

whew. yeah. and then I got a chicken quesadilla [one of the only truly tasty items offered at the pub] and made another appointment to speak with someone about dropping the fuck out of this school.
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