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fuck_slc's Journal

sarah and dudley can rot in hell
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welcome to sarah lawrence. are you disillusioned yet?
how are your transfer applications coming along?

we are disgruntled and we're here to say why. if you'd like a more viable control group, visit sarahlawrence to talk to students and alums.
this is the official site for the school, however, and none of these communities are officially endorsed.
go form your own opinion.
abusing prescription drugs, academic despair, boozy floozies, disunity, excessive drinking, flakes, health services, isolation, late everything, martin goldray, michael rengers, presumption, sarah cardwell, smiting the vapid, smoking, social despair, social incest, that kind of traffic, the college, the gays, the network, unholy melons, wslc, your don's name here